Playpoint Session (Mixtape)

by Hank Hobson



Travelling by train is like meditation to the sound of metal wheels thudding from one rail to another. It's a way to escape from the urban noise to the sounds of nature and lonely land. But it's not a stone-throw way as to arrive at the final destination we first need to have a long journey by train, then changing it for a car and only after that do we reach that mysterious wood inhabbitted by some mystic but kind creatures. That is the land of legends about something unearthly. However, we are going to find out about the thing having worried us for a long time.


released December 18, 2013


Hank Hobson - Train In The Woods
Hank Hobson - Trip Across The Country
Sodomus - Not Afraid To Die
Hank Hobson - A String of Rain Beads
Sodomus - Not Afraid To Die
Hank Hobson - Nightwave (feat. Darcy)
Tony Deus - Emptiness Of Space Time Continuum
Hank Hobson - Out F.U



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Hank Hobson Voronezh, Russia

Back in 2000-s Hank Hobson started sound recording and initially was working solely with a simple composer, amplifier and microphone, recording all his stuff with the help of an ancient cassette recorder. Nowadays Hank is actively releasing the materials hoarded in the recent years on different labels. ... more

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