"A tough hospital matress, a pillow which seems more of a corpse of a prehistoric animal, unsuccessful attempts to find a comfortable position in bed and fall asleep. On the bordeline between the sleep and non-sleep when your eyes are closed but the hearing is wonderfully acute you start to listen out for the particular hospital sounds: the tap leaking somewhere, the floor planks moaning about the grievances of the past, the shuffling steps of the patients - both present and those inhabiting the place long ago... And in the morning after the eternal-night torture will you be able to answer even the simplest questions otherwise than with an exhausted "I don't know"?"


released August 16, 2012

Relesed by PICPAK Music Label: picpack.org.ua
Catalog #: PICPACK145
Country: Ukraine

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Hank Hobson Voronezh, Russia

Back in 2000-s Hank Hobson started sound recording and initially was working solely with a simple composer, amplifier and microphone, recording all his stuff with the help of an ancient cassette recorder. Nowadays Hank is actively releasing the materials hoarded in the recent years on different labels. ... more

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